What kinds of evaluations are offered at reduced cost?

• Learning disabilities and
• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Who Are the Clients

Testing is offered to both children and adults. In addition to school aged children, many college age students and people re-entering higher education seek this kind of testing.



What is the Testing Environment?

Evaluations are generally conducted in the relaxing environment of an office attached to Dr. Selby’s home*.

Parents are welcome to remain nearby in the home or garden during test administration. Some family members or friends might prefer to explore nearby trails, or walk into downtown San Luis Obispo, which is close by.

*Evaluations can be conducted in the client’s home, at an additional cost depending upon distance.

How are the Tests Done?

The types of tests (sometimes called “instruments”) used are mostly paper and pencil exercises where the person being evaluated views pictures and responds verbally. A few instruments use cards or small blocks.

How Much Does Testing Cost?

$500- (which includes the following)*

• Testing and Scoring
• A written report which includes diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment.
• Explanation by Dr. Selby of his findings with the test-taker and/or parents

How Can I Pay?

Dr. Selby accepts cash or check.

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